"It all started on a month long trip to Nicaragua. We rented a giant house on the hill, Kelsey and I hacking away on our laptops, shirtless, in the mornings followed by a skinny dip and ending the day with a sunset surf. We thought it'd be funny to do nude retreats... you know, freeing... but realized a creative retreat might be more socially acceptable." -JY


Kelsey Van Patten is a freelance fashion and textile designer. While earning a degree in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles, she had internships at both Steve Madden and BCBG. She launched her full-time career there, where she grew more experienced in the garment industry working for companies such as Clover Canyon, and AG Jeans. She now runs her freelance business on a full-time basis.


Jen Yih is a writer, producer, director. Nomadic since 17-years-old, over the course of a decade has lived in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Rome, Italy, Honolulu, Hawai'i, and now calls the Pacific Northwest USA home. After spending several years as a creative producer & manager for major sports & fashion brands she has turned her focus to branding, photography & writing. You can find her work published on her personal site.

"Travel is everything, whether you're going as far as your back yard or to the back of your mind, there's always something to be discovered. Travel's been my life's greatest gift, opening eyes to things beyond me... and to do it with great friends, food, surf is all anyone could ask for. I will never stop traveling." -Jen