”Being a student of the waves, an avid surfer. The flow of my bodywork matches the mesmerizing waves of the ocean, a constant state of ebb and flow. Contributing to the deep relaxing, restful, and calming effects of your session with me. Incorporating a wide vary of techniques into my Esalen massage allows me to work at the depth and pace appropriate for you, helping you become more grounded and in touch with your own body. Leaving you in a state of full body awareness, completely restored.”



Wild Mex, La Lancha - Surboard Rentals

Surf shop right at the trailhead to La Lancha, offering lessons, rentals, and other tours. They open early- at 7:30- so you can get a morning session in if you want. Large selection of surfboards in great condition. When we visited this month (May 2018), prices were $7/hr, or $25/for a 24 hour period. Insurance is an extra $2, high performance boards are a dollar or two more. 

Additionally, they have drinking water, and a fresh water shower with towels provided. Great option if you’re headed to the airport or adventuring after a surf and want to wash the salt off.


Stinky’s (Surf Spot)

Fun longboard spot behind the Hotel La Quinta Del Sol in Punta Mita. You can park right next to one of the bar & restaurants on the beach and rent boards. Rentals were 100 pesos/hour, and the woman working the Stinky’s Surf School is friendly and helpful. No showers here, but there are bathrooms if you rent a board or buy a beer. Works best at low tide, but watch out- it’s a rocky reef, and the rocks are really sharp. You might want to wear booties or be careful when getting in/out of the water.


La Lancha (Surf Spot)

Great spot for beginners to advanced surfers, with a friendly crowd of families, locals, and travelers. There are a couple main breaks (lefts & rights), and an area where the surf is smaller and good for beginners. This was our group’s favorite surf spot, as the beach is gorgeous and we had a group with mixed abilities. Wild Mex is just up the trail, which is convenient with rentals, bathrooms, and the cafe. The walk down the trail takes about 7-10 minutes, depending on how much crap you’re lugging down there.


Makai Restaurant, La Lancha - $

Incredible food for both breakfast and lunch, adjacent to Wild Mex, great place to come eat/hang after surfing La Lancha. Highlights are the crab burger, ceviche, and tostadas.

*there is no wifi, so not a great place to get work done if you rely on the internet.


Blue Shrimp Restaurant, Punta Mita - $$

Good place to catch a sunset drink while enjoying fresh seafood. The service, view, and food was awesome here. 


Barracuda, Sayulita - $$

We ended up coming here multiple times because the food is so damn good. Tacos, tostadas, and ceviches on the lunch menu, with dinner presenting lots of fresh seafood options and appetizers. This was my favorite place we ate in Sayulita. Hip, modern vibe on one of the main streets near the beach.


La Rustica , Sayulita- $$$

If you get sick of Mexican food, La Rustica offers a great italian menu with pastas, gnocchi, and pizza. The service is fast and the atmosphere is more upscale.


Hotel Peix, Sayulita - $$

Hotel & bar on the beach with an awesome view at sunset. The owner is friendly, the drinks are delicious, and there’s a cute courtyard with hammocks. The bathroom is pristine- which is a huge plus as Mexico can be a mixed bag in this regard. The mojito I ordered was the size of my head, with perfectly balanced flavor. I requested half the amount of usual sugar.


Organi-K, Sayulita - $

Acai Bowls and juices, for a lighter breakfast or afternoon pick-me-up. Tons of superfood add-on options, organic ingredients, and good vibes.


El Itacate, Sayulita - $

Cheap, HUGE, delicious tacos. There are tons of options for meat eaters, pescatarians, and veggies alike. Walked out spending about $6 in total after a shared appetizer/tacos, with a protruding belly.


Le Zouave @ Hotel Hafa, Sayulita - $

Incredible hand squeezed margaritas- passion fruit, cucumber, grapefruit, and more. Tons of different tequila & mezcal.


Bar Don Pato, Sayulita - $

Salsa Dancing!! Lots of friendly locals, great live music.




Mix of surf brands, both local and abroad. Ceramics, apparel, accessories- overall amazing design for men & women.


Evoke the Spirit

Made in Sayulita goods, from rugs, to ceramics, and gorgeous organic cotton apparel. They have 3 locations within Sayulita- their main store appears to offer only housewares and workshops, with a smaller location hosting the apparel line and shoes. Their studio is in town as well, though we weren’t able to see it as it was closed. The store associate said the local artists work out of the studio, so you can watch them weave rugs.


Gypsy Galeria

This is a great one-stop shop for trinkets, gifts, housewares, and ceramics. The prices seem to be a bit more expensive than the Hippie Market (street market), but the owner has a great selection of colors and styles across all the categories. Note that it is cash only.


Hippie Market

Street Market that appears to run everyday. Large selection of bags, trinkets, ceramics, apparel, and other goods, just over the bridge from the main part of town. It’s about a 5 minute walk from the town square, and bartering is encouraged. This will be the best bang for your buck as far as shopping goes, but you have to work for it as they definitely upcharge tourists. Haggling is essential, I was able to get most pieces down to about half the starting price. Knowing a bit of Spanish is immensely helpful for getting the best deal.